Stop Living Other People’s Dreams

The statistics vary, but somewhere between 70 and 85% of people dislike their job.

That means, most people are spending the majority of their waking hours doing something they dislike–often with people they don’t connect with, on activities or projects that don’t give them purpose, for someone they don’t respect.

How can this be?

Simple–its because we grow up thinking we have no control. That a life lived on our own terms is impossible, a concept for dreamers. That there is a prescribed way of doing things. I’m not sure what age that mentality starts kicking in, but given how defined and guided our educational paths are, it’s probably pretty early.

Someone tells us, for the most part, what we’re doing today. Who we’re doing it with. When. Where. Why. If we don’t like it, well…we quickly learn that nothing good ever comes from standing out. Conformity is safe.

And so we grow up and fall into the same cycle in our adult life. We go out and get jobs and a new authority figure takes over telling us what we’re doing today, when, where, why…and if we don’t like it, well…

It’s a conditioned state of control. A place we don’t love, but still feel comfortable in. Everyone complains about their job/their workmates/their boss/their pay, right? Safety in numbers. And besides, blaming someone else for any life dissatisfaction we’re feeling, is way easier than putting the responsibility for that back on ourselves.

This is…just how it is.

Hell no, it’s not! Life is too short, too precious, too deserving of purpose to spend so many hours and years of our lives living other people’s dreams.

Breaking that control feels hard – and it is – but it’s also simple. It starts with the decision that you are in control. That you have choices. That your dreams matter. And then? Just a focused dedication to stringing together decision after decision in your life that you make for you, for the people and things and ideas that matter to you and them, and not for the people, things and ideas that don’t.

Build that muscle on the small things, day by day, week by week, and you’ll start to believe that no one on the planet can hold you back from building the life you want.

Three-quarters of the working world living through signifiant daily dissatisfaction is a damn travesty.

Be the change. 

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