Meditation Music That You’ll Love

Meditation is one of those things that kept nagging at me. It’d pop up in my thoughts, interactions, and things I was attracted to over the course of a few years. A few times I tried it…I’d find a quiet place to sit, close my eyes, and try to quiet my mind.

But my mind raced. My to-do list taunted me. Relaxing and letting go was not something that came naturally for me. So I’d give up.

“This isn’t for me,” I’d reason…and off I’d go about my life.

This cycle went on for years.

But then, in September 2018 a business opportunity dropped into my lap that, for reasons I now consider synchronistic, I just couldn’t let go of. Something in my body was pulling me to it. It was one of those divinely presented gifts that I just couldn’t refuse.

The online business community that I ultimately became part of, was full of highly spiritual, personal development junkie types. And I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who were meditating. It was part of their morning routine. They were trained in transcendental meditation. They swore it changed their life.

Once again, I couldn’t ignore the message that the universe was so insistent that I embrace. So in the months following, I was introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Gabby Bernstein. Holy hell was my world flipped upside down in the most beautiful way.

Anxiety and fears melted away. Happiness and joy filled in the gaps. Life seemed clearer. I felt connected to a higher consciousness that I always suspected was there, but it was meditation that made that knowing unwavering. I trusted that I would always be taken care of, no matter what.

I committed then to make meditation a regular habit of mine.

Sometimes I like guided meditations. Other days I like Hindu mantras. Sometimes chilled out new age jams is what calms my mind. And others, its simple silence.

But for the days when a little background music is what my body is leaning towards, I’ve created this gorgeous playlist of my absolute faves.


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